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Entry for December 5, 2007
Healing tea, herbs and spices for Summer:

Rose hips tea is the summertime herbal tea of choice because it is an exceptionally hight source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which are important for a healthy heart, blood vessels, circulation and immunity.

Use garlic, cayenne, fennel seed, coriander, oregano and garlic in your summertime cooking.

And include a one tablespoon of lignan-rich flaxeed oil. Every adult woman should consider taking a daily dose of essential fatty acids in the form of either flaxeed oil or a combination of flaxeed and evening primrose oils. Both of these oils help greatly in controlling hormonal symptoms related to your menstrual cycle, such as migraine headaches, cramps and hotflashes. They also have the ability to mobilize calcium with it's desirable qualities of strengh and resilience into the skin, where they contribute to a harder protective surface. Think of it this way: the ozone layer acts as the Earth's protective skin against the suns's harmful rays. Likewise, you need to build up your skin to offset the assault of those harmful rays. And the tougher protection you need is found in the essential fatty acids.

Well, until next time... enjoy your spices this summer!

2007-12-05 23:33:43 GMT
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