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Entry for December 10, 2007
Good intention: Calcium craze...

No doubt you've read about how important calcium is for beautiful teeth and bones. Like many women, in addition to eating calcium-rich dairy foods, you may also be popping calcium fortified antacids, drinking calcium fortified juices and eating calcium fortified dairy products. But wait! A new study reveals, like others before it, that too much calcium may actually weaken strong bones. It is not calcium but magnesium that is the real mineral catalyst in the absorption and use of bone-building elements.

Excessive calcium prevents the absortion of magnesium. Taking more calcium without adequate magnesium - and what is adequate for a woman may be suficient for anoter- may either create calcium malabsorption or a magnesium deficiency. Unabsorbed calcium can wind up in the joints as arthritis or in the arteries where it can inititate atherosclerosis.

Magnesium is most critical for strong, healthy bones. It should be balanced with calcium in about 2:1 ratio in favour of magnesium. And you'll also need to get proper amounts of other calium-building nutrients, such as vitamin D, zinc, manganese, boron and vitamin C.

2007-12-11 04:57:18 GMT
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